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Identical me
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Identical Me: A Sisters Bond:

A cute and sad story about a girl that lost her twin sister at birth and she went on in life knowing something was different about her and she always felt her sister was around her watching over her. She was guided to do good things with her life, but with a cost.


May 10th at 12:01 AM, Jan's worst fear had come true, when Trina's heart stopped beating and was pronounced dead. Trina was born ten days earlier just five minutes after Nina, her twin sister, but with many complications and the doctor had told Kevin and Jan when Trina was born, she would not live long, but Jan never gave up hope that miracles are possible and with her strong faith, Jan believed God would heal Trina. Now Jan knows God had another plan for Trina, so the feelings of grief were tears of joy knowing Trina is with God.


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